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Bible Teachers Broadcasting Network (BTBN) is a subsidiary of the Bible Teachers International Ministry.

Bible Teachers International was founded in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1984 by Dr. Mary Banks. It is a multi-faceted, non-denominational corporate ministry committed to worldwide evangelism whose emphasis is on soul-winning, community outreach and the development of ministers whose primary focus is not on worldly gain or status, but on service to God and mankind.




BTBN’s purpose is to reach as wide a cross-section of persons as possible. It will raise the bar of Christian programming in Jamaica by improving content and quality and will present programming which is fresh and relevant. The programmes will address real life issues and generates appeal amongst all age groups and across denominational lines, through the utilization of new and fresh vehicles of expressions including various art forms and genres in theatre, dance, music and poetry. The range of programmes include:

  • Children activity programmes

  • Healthy lifestyle programmes

  • Discussions on topical issues

  • Highlighting and addressing Community issues

  • Exercise programmes

  • Programmes of interest to youth

  • Bible Teaching and Ministerial Training




The Bible Teachers Broadcasting Network seeks to:

  • Raise the bar of Christian programming in Jamaica by improving content and quality, using HIgh Definition broadcasting

  • Provide the widest range of Christian programs on the network

  • Provide new and fresh vehicles and expressions for the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Because BTBN is primarily a teaching network, it will enable its viewers to not only view its teaching but to also interact and receive ministerial training

  • BTBN is convinced that its signature shows will prove to be compelling, provocative and innovative.

  • Gradually increase the viewership on the network

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