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The book you hold in your hands is no fad teaching, no new trendy religious thinking. The truths and revelation found here won’t be finding their way to charm bracelets, inspirational candy wrappers or witty T-shirts. No, the truths Mary Banks so engagingly present represent nothing short of a revolution. The church must either embrace it or they will be the ones who are truly left behind.
- Matt & Laurie Crouch, Trinity Broadcasting Network"

Be Ye Perfect

"Congratulations. You have dared to open a book with a title as audacious as “Be Ye Perfect.” Perhaps you were drawn to these words out of morbid curiosity, or better yet, ardent skepticism. For who could possibly be perfect except God and what difference would it make anyway?

But perhaps, like we first were and like Mary Banks certainly was, you were drawn to these words, to the idea of perfection, out of pure and simple desperation. Desperation nurtured through years of fruitless struggle, contention, and warfare both within yourself and with the powers around you to be holy, to be righteous, to be anything but who you knew yourself to be; a desperation that left you balancing on the razor’s edge of realization that either there had to be more to Christianity than what has been taught or Christianity itself is just as disposable as every other philosophy or religion out there today.

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