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Caribbean Conference 2021 Flyer


Traditionally, Caribbean Conference is an annual event where the members of the Body of Christ, both near and far, gather together in the lovely island of Jamaica to hear what thus saith the Lord. However, due to recent world events, it now takes on a digital persona. Hence, a virtual conference.



How to Know the Will of God

We are living in a day when people are departing from the faith and giving heed to seducing spirits. Seducing spirits are a hindrance to you hearing from God. How can you be certain that you are hearing from God?
Moreover, with the drastic turn of events that have occurred in the last year, we need to know now more than ever the voice of God. This conference will give you the how-to's as well as identify the reason we often mistake a seducing spirit for God.


ADDRESS: Mary Banks Facebook & YouTube Pages

DATE: March 22, 2021 - March 27, 2021

Night Sessions: Monday - Friday @ 7PM  
Day Sessions: Tuesday - Thursday @ 9AM

Workshops (Register for them below)
- Tuesday, March 23 @ 2PM - 4PM
- Wednesday, March 24 @ 2PM - 4PM
- Thursday, March 25 @ 2PM - 4PM
- Friday, March 26 @ 2PM - 4PM

Phone: 1(876) 968-1702-3



Mary Banks


Mary Banks is the founder and CEO of Mary Banks Ministries and Bible Teachers International. She is an adept Bible Teacher and apostle of the Lord called for such a time as this in the end time reformation of the Church and global evangelism.

Michael Thomas


Michael Thomas is a versatile minister, gifted to break down the Word of God in the simplest form to reach the body of Christ and the lost.

Kareem Flowers


Kareem Flowers, a man of God who has given his life to serve the Body of Christ with the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Jerome Jones


Jerome Jones is a Prophet of God with a sure word that is able to stabilize you in the faith.


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School Supply

The Global Training Center

Wednesday, May 5 @ 2PM - 4PM

The Global Training Center is a School of Ministry that is committed to raising up sons for the Master's use. Come to this workshop and learn all about the GTC, as well as take a mini-course.

School Supply

Lifesavers Session: Drug & Substance Abuse

Friday, May 7 @ 2PM - 4PM

If you or someone you know has a substance abuse addiction, this is the workshop for you. Come get clarity and deliverance like never before.

School Supply

Prayer with Apostle Kareem Flowers

Thursday, May 6 @ 2PM - 4PM

Prayer is the bedrock of all things. It is the platform for ministry and a true walk with God. Join this workshop and enter the world of sweet fellowship with God.

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