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Discover Your Calling, Strengthen Your Ministry.

See you there in...

Historically, women have been excluded from leadership positions and opportunities to serve in the church which is not how God designed it.

However this conference is focused on recognizing the value of women's contributions to ministry and on equipping them to be effective in their gifts and callings.

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About the Conference

Saturday, November 18, 2023




9:00AM - 4:00PM (EST)

2122 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

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Meet Your Host

Mary Banks is a minister of the gospel for over 50 years, and the founder of Bible Teachers International. She has served the Body of Christ as an apostle who has planted churches in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. She is widely recognized as “the bible teacher”, which is also the name that she has given to her mobile app that assists ministers with bible study, sermon preparation and other duties. She is passionate about developing ministers through sound doctrine and discipleship, and has published a large body of work which can be found at the Mary Banks Faith Library. When she’s not ministering or writing a publication, she might be taking a ride on her motorcycle down the freeway, or going for a swim.

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Unlock the profound purpose of ministry with "Equipped for Ministry: A Workbook for Women." This book not only reveals the true essence of divine service as God's purpose for your life but also provides engaging quizzes and activities to guide you on a transformative journey toward fulfilling His will. Get your copy today and embrace your divine calling while actively engaging in your personal growth.

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