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discerning spiritual operations

Discerning Spiritual Operations - Course

The gift of discerning of spirits has been so misused in the church today. This course highlights the purpose of this gift, teaches the truth about discernment and outlines the “how – to’s” of discerning yourself and others.


At the end of this lesson the student will be able to:

- List three purposes of Discernment

- List two aspects of Discerning and explain both

- Using scriptural references, list our spiritual senses

- Explain the purpose of identifying an evil spirit- State the assignment of seducing spirits

- Explain how to deal with seducing spirits

- Explain why self-examination is a safe way of determining one’s spiritual location

- Define what it means to be a reprobate- Discuss the importance of maintaining a righteous posture in order to discern effectively.

- List the principles one must use while discerning- Explain the operation of comparing spiritual with spiritual.

Read - Discerning Spiritual Operations

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