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There are those who want to learn how to study the Bible, and then there are those that are ready to start a church. We are those that supply the needs of both. Sons.Training is devoted to not only raising up manifested sons of God, but also committed to ministerial development, and equipping leaders to further their own gift.

This Gospel must be preached to every creature under heaven.

What is your gift?

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SONS TRAINING is committed not only to teach the word of God to whosoever will but also to TRAIN individuals in their measure of ministry. The Body of Christ is at a place where it is hungry for truth. We know what it is like to have a gift and not know fully how to administer it. We too have traveled from conference to conference and from book to book, searching for the tools necessary to implement our gift according to our calling both spiritually and naturally. 


So the Lord commanded us to disciple and train. Our mandate is to disciple all into the mind of Christ and train up the gifts within the Body of Christ. It includes teaching relative to church building and church planting. It shows how to facilitate spiritual growth in a life, as well as teach the intricacies of wisdom relative to evangelism. The Lord has asked this of us.


Our response: