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The Thought War 2 Course

Thought War has become a staple course at the BTGTC. It explains the operation of the mind, heart and soul and identifies the spiritual makeup of man. It explains operations such as hurt, unforgiveness, lust, pride and so many others. This is definitely a course everyone should take.



- Use scriptural support to discuss the relevance of the spiritual circumcision to a sinless walk.

- Use scriptural support to outline why the mind of Christ does not have a thought war.- Explain how a perverted gospel works to create strongholds in the fleshy mind.

- Define Offenses- Identify and explain the principle of “reasonable service” in handling offenses as Jesus taught in St. Luke 17 and Romans 12:1-2.

- Outline and discuss the effect of roots of bitterness and how they are purged.- Identify and explain how to respond righteously to present day and past offenses.

- Outline ways an individual can purge their heart of iniquity.- Explain, using scriptural reference, how God ensures that man has an awareness of Him.

- Outline how the imagination can progressively pervert the fleshy mind.- Identify and discuss the characteristics of an individual who lives in their imagination.


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