Why These Feelings

Why These Feelings.jpg

I know that I am not going to win or convince all of you that God wants to fellowship with you through the salvation he offers in Jesus Christ. My failure will not be due to a lack of love and understanding on my part, but the deceivableness of sin on satan’s part. There is pleasure in sin. And even though there might be a still, small voice in your inner man screaming for help, there is also a degree of mental security that has built a wall of protection against a homophobic church.You have been forced to believe that the LGBT community are the only people that understand or even care about you and your struggle to survive in this world of haters and acts of violence, simply because of your sexual orientation. But if you are willing to listen to that voice within that speaks to the love of God for you, then come and taste and see that the Lord is good. He loves you more than you could ever know. He is not eager to cast you into a burning hell, he wants to embrace you and use you to share his love with others.


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