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About Us

About the MBFL

Over 33 years ago, Apostle Mary Banks felt a clear calling: to chronicle the revelations and teachings she received. Today, the Faith Library has evolved into a vast online resource, offering not only teachings and sermons, but also a range of practical how-to's. These guides shine light on various facets of life, from navigating mental illness and combating substance abuse to effective parenting, women's ministry, and more.

One of the standout features of our platform is the digital reading room. This open-access space allows visitors to immerse themselves in all the available materials at no charge, offering a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. For those who find value in our resources and wish to have them on-hand, an easy-to-use purchase and download option is available.

Whether you're delving deeper into your spiritual path or seeking guidance on life's pressing challenges, the Faith Library's online portal provides the tools and insights to aid your journey. Explore, learn, and find clarity in the teachings and guidance we offer.

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Mary Banks 

The Bible Teacher

MARY BANKS is the founder of many churches under the banner of Bible Teachers International, a division of Mary Banks Ministries, Inc. Bible Teachers International Worship Centers and Bible Teachers Global Training Centers are now located throughout the US, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Africa, India, and London, with new doors of opportunity opening every day.


Mary Banks is known to thousands as "The Bible Teacher" to the Body of Christ. She is an international speaker, minister of the gospel & author of many books & courses that have brought a sure word to the Body of Christ and the world.

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